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Marlene has been a regular contributor on KDKA's Pittsburgh Today Live show since 2014

Letting go.

Being Grateful

Embracing Mistakes

Joy !

Reflect, Realign, Resolve

Living Out Loud

Easing Back Into School

No Regrets

Emotional Spring Cleaning

Going and Growing

Intention vs Resolution

Moving forward after the election

Tapping tour creative potential

Self Care during Covid

Embracing Change

Staying motivated while job hunting

Dealing with COVID -19

Too much togetherness?

Social Distancing

Missing Events during Social Distancing

Editing your personal narrative

Are you a procrastinator?


Gratitude & Self Reflection

Forest Bathing

Making Friends at any age

Exercising Your Personal freedom  

Exercising Your Personal freedom  

Plan the marriage - not just the wedding!

Energy Drainers/Gainers

Balancing Your Life

Praising Kids

Supporting a Community After a Tragedy

Building Resiliency

Making Meaningful Small Talk

Cultivating Gratitude


Being the Best Mom You can

Stress Less Holidays

Parenting Tips

Small Steps Lead to Success

Lightening Your Life Load

Collaborative Divorce

Some People Like to Be Scared

Planning For Retirement

Building Resiliency

Beat the Winter Blues

Dealing With Spousal Spats

Back to School Tips

Holiday Blues